Diana Zerilli

I love talking about wine, teaching it, describing it, and I love to stir up emotion when I describe its aromas, perfumes, visit the cellars, create wine-food pairings, study the raw materials.

Diana Zerilli was born in Milan on May 24th 1970.

Daughter of Cav Dr. Andrea Zerilli, an important manager and owner of a consulting firm, has followed the footsteps of his father, his example and teacher of life, starting from the age of 18, starting to work with him at the family company as an administrator and headhunter.

It is in these first years, and thanks to the great personality of his father, that he learns what will be important lessons for her: attention to detail, clarity of exposition, rules of life that will accompany her during the sixteen years in the company and for all the rest of his next career.

So much determination, study and humility make of Diana, in a few years Counselor at Assores, the Italian Association of Selection Societies as well as a member of the Confidi of Assolombarda and a member of the tertiary group of Assolombarda.

In 2003 the professional turnaround arrives. Always passionate about cuisine and wines, certainly accomplices the great-grandfather oenologist and the attitude to the kitchen of his mother, Bolognese DOC, decides to devote himself fully to the world of food and wine, abandoning forever that of human resources.

She founded the Nectar4 You, his agency of international public relations and events, specialized in relations between producers of wines and oils based in Milan, India and New York. In the United States he will meet a great person to whom he owes gratitude and teachings. In fact, thanks to Paolo Villoresi, founder of Italian Cooking and Living magazines and La Cucina Italiana, who deepens relations with foreign countries and acquires numerous notions on Evo oil, thus deciding, together, to create a happy project for the marketing of products and services related to the world of food and wine, travel and cultural and artistic initiatives.

Piazza Italiathis is the name of the web portal created with Villoresi, conceived for easy access to the blind and visually impaired, an idea for the social that embraces many areas of interest and which will receive numerous awards including the award at Shanghai Expo 2010.

In September 2005 she dedicated herself to the organization of events, among the most important, in “Racconti di Moda”, the fashion show sponsored by Ferrari and Maserati held at Palazzo Gonzaga in Volta Mantovana, conducted by Emanuela Foliero and followed by cameras of Network 4 for the Sipario transmission.

In 2011 she will be the protagonist of the Cooking Contest per l’MBA at the Monza racetrack, and then will begin her career as a wine tasting conductor, also abroad, as the winetasting dedicated to Oltrepò Pavese wines at the venue of Italian cooking and living on the 5th street in New York.

A well-established wine connoisseur, she specializes in relations between Italian wine producers, oil and artisan pastries, with relationships especially with New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Santo Domingo, Shanghai, London, Germany and Switzerland.

As a Sommelier , she organizes courses of tasting and approach to wine and oil Evo, especially for foreigners, as well as guided tours for oil mills and cellars. Among his great successes, Eatingfrienship & Wines, the tasting of Tuscan wines of Mormoraia and Bocale organized by Hong Kong held on November 19, 2014.

Last but not least writing, another great passion that meets her multi-faceted personality, writes a book of fairy tales entitled “The Goodnight Messages”, a book in the form of text collection, which speaks of friendship and maternal love. Then she also dedicated himself to the compilation of a collection of sensory recipes, an idea born from the friendship with Franca Passoni, owner of Mormoraia, the winery of San Gimignano.